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What we do

We are dedicated to delivering personalized investment strategies that align with financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Through diligent research, in-depth analysis, and proactive monitoring, we strive to generate sustainable long-term growth and superior returns for our clients’ portfolios.


High Growth Plans

Portfolio creation:

Diversified portfolio with adequate position sizing, also portfolio review and guidance at frequent intervals.


Systematic wealth building:

Portfolio of high quality companies with short term tactical calls from mid and small cap with potential to show exponential growth over long term


Positional Trading:  

Short term trading for regular income generation managed by acclaimed Fund managers at nominal charge

Portfolio Management Service

PMS Service:

Portfolio management service by renowned fund managers of India at a nominal charge to stay ahead of market and high returns.


Intelligent Portfolio:

for small investors, Diversified portfolio managed by large renowned fund managers to ensure you make most out of your investment in short term on regular basis.

Low Risk better than FD

Mutual Funds:

Invest in best performing mutual funds with guidance and consultation with confidence to meet your financial Objectives.



invest in Equity traded funds under consultation to meet financial goals, investments are traded in market still considered low risk considering spread of the fund.


Insurance & Retirement plans:

Life Insurance,   Health Insurance , General

Risk Disclosure

We believe that understanding technical analysis is essential for successful participation in the stock market. Through our teaching, we aim to demystify complex technical concepts and methodologies, making them accessible to individuals at all levels of expertise. We provide practical, hands-on training that equips our learners with the tools they need to analyze price patterns, trends, and market indicators effectively.


We prioritize risk management, emphasizing the importance of setting realistic goals, understanding one’s risk tolerance, and employing appropriate risk mitigation strategies. We educate on the potential pitfalls of emotional decision-making and encourage disciplined trading practices.

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What Our Clients Say

I got associated with Addvalue 2 months ago when I was looking for support with stock trading. Earlier , I used to look at only Nifty 100 companies. They introduced me to different sectors and stocks beyond nifty 100. My watchlist grew and so did my portfolio. Their technical and fundamental analysis on company stocks are spot with close to 70% positive outcomes. What was striking about is crisp analysis basis sector, price trend and back testing. Stock picks are backed by proper data and thought process. Looking forward to be part of the upcoming Journey of Add Value.
Shewanka Jain
I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding financial advisory services AddValue has provided. Your team's expertise and professionalism have exceeded my expectations. The personalized approach, regular communication, and exceptional customer service have made me feel confident and well-informed about my investments. Your firm's dedication to understanding my financial goals and risk tolerance has resulted in a tailored investment strategy that has yielded impressive results.
Amar Gupta
Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Financial Adviser. They had this and more.Their dedication to clients, business excellence and education sets them apart and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes. I am very happy with their professionalism and ability that help me to make wise financial decisions. I have already covered up my risks which enables me to sleep well with all planning done. I have embarked on my passive income journey towards my retirement.
Navdeep Gupta

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