Investment Advisory & Solutions


High Growth Plans

Portfolio creation:

Diversified portfolio with adequate position sizing, also portfolio review and guidance at frequent intervals.


Systematic wealth building:

Portfolio of high quality companies with short term tactical calls from mid and small cap with potential to show exponential growth over long term


Positional Trading:  

Short term trading for regular income generation managed by acclaimed Fund managers at nominal charge

Portfolio Management Service

PMS Service:

Portfolio management service by renowned fund managers of India at a nominal charge to stay ahead of market and high returns.


Intelligent Portfolio:

for small investors, Diversified portfolio managed by large renowned fund managers to ensure you make most out of your investment in short term on regular basis.

Low Risk better than FD

Mutual Funds:

Invest in best performing mutual funds with guidance and consultation with confidence to meet your financial Objectives.



invest in Equity traded funds under consultation to meet financial goals, investments are traded in market still considered low risk considering spread of the fund.


Insurance & Retirement plans:

Life Insurance,   Health Insurance , General

Our Strategies

Two Fold Investment Objective

Additional Capital Preservation
Via Progressive Risk Management

Fund Performance



Financial Advisory

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